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Florida DUI Counterattack Programs - Driving Under the Influence School

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DUIThe Florida Safety Council offers two DHSMV approved DUI School courses. All of our DUI courses meet and exceed the state of Florida certification requirements for DUI Program operation and staffing (Administrative Rules 15A–10). The Florida Safety Council has been serving the Ninth and Eighteenth Judicial Circuits as a DUI Program Provider since 1973. The educational components of our classes are taught by Certified Level I and Level II DUI Instructors, who meet Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles requirements. The evaluation component is conducted by Certified Evaluators, who meet Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles requirements. Certificates of DUI Program completion are presented to each student upon successful completion of both the education component and the evaluation component of the DUI Course.

Florida Safety Council's, DUI Program issues completion reports to the Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles.  Reports of successful completion of DUI school are submitted electronically the day after the final service is provided.  Unsuccessful completions are reported 90 days after enrollment, per FS 322.291. Florida Safety Council will provide each student that successfully completes both the evaluation and applicable level of DUI Class (Level I or Level II,) a tamper-proof completion certificate.  The student can provide that certificate to the courts and/or probation. 

All completion certificates include information regarding possible treatment referral requirements.  Successful completion of substance abuse treatment (if referred) and failure to complete status, are reported directly to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.  Only approved treatment providers can provide completion certificates to students required to comply with a treatment referral.

With proper releases of information, Florida Safety Council will respond to direct inquiries from the courts or probation. 

As the Courts and DHSMV have asked for programs to help with decreasing repeat DUI offenses, the Florida Safety Council has come forward working with the DHSMV in the Special Supervision Services and Ignition Interlock Programs.

The Victim Awareness Program was developed and Copyrighted in the effort to help DUI offenders see the offense from the side of those who have lost a loved one or been injured themselves in a non-confrontational program.

Florida Safety Council Approved Treatment Providers

Select Course Name Price Classroom Online Spanish
 Select DUI Level 1-First Offender $338.45
 Select DUI Level 2-Multi Offender $504.05
 Select DUI Special Supervision Services Call
 Select Ignition Interlock Device - IID Call
 Select Victim Awareness Program $80.00
 Select Virtual Victim Awareness Program $80.00