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DUI Level 1-First Offender

Course Information

  • Driving Under the Influence First Offenders only.
  • Twelve (12) hour educational course utilizing approved curriculum developed by the State of Florida.
  • Course is taught by a State of Florida Certified DUI Level I Instructor.
  • Teaching tools include lectures, class discussion, handouts, and videos.
  • All clients undergo a one (1) hour psychosocial evaluation interview conducted by a Certified DUI Evaluator.

In-Person DUI Registration ONLY M-F

Requirements needed to register are listed below.

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Designed for individuals who have been arrested for only one DUI or one DUI amended to Reckless Driving. First Offenders only.
Mandated, per FS 316.192(5) and 316.193(5) with level of education determined based upon the number of lifetime DUI/Reckless Driving offenses, per DHSMV Administrative Rule 15A-10.025(2).
MAY BE COURT ORDERED for other offenses, i.e. open container, boating under the influence.
May be DHSMV required for: out of state convictions; Minor with .02 citation; Chapter 893 Suspensions; or to obtain “Hardship or Business Purposes Only” permits during an Administrative Suspension.


To educate those who may be harmfully involved with alcohol and other drugs about the effects of these substances.

Course Content:

  • Effects of alcohol and drugs on a driver's ability to operate a motor vehicle.
  • Review of Florida traffic laws relating to DUI.
  • Review of DUI process through the court system and DHSMV.
  • Identify alternatives to future drinking and driving situations.
  • Learn about drug and alcohol resources available in the community.


1 - Photo Identification

State Identification Card, Passport, School Identification or Booking Photo. The photo identification must include your picture, your name and your address. If there is no address on the identification then you must also provide the following---Proof of employment (i.e. Pay Stub), or residence (i.e. Utility Bill) or school attendance (i.e. College ID) for one of the following counties - Orange, Osceola, Brevard or Seminole.

2 - Proof of Residency

Clients that provided an address that IS NOT LOCATED in Orange, Osceola, Brevard, or Seminole County MUST provide the following---Proof of employment (i.e. Pay Stub), or residence (i.e. Utility Bill) or school attendance (i.e. College ID) for one of the following counties - Orange, Osceola, Brevard or Seminole.

3 - DUI Arrest Citation / Ticket

(LEGIBLE COPY IS ACCEPTABLE) - This cannot be used as the Arrest Affidavit/Arrest Report. This can be obtained from the County Clerk of Court. Clients that are Unlawful BAL (Under 21).05 or Higher will need to provide the Notice of Suspension Ticket/Citation (obtainable from the DHSMV or Police Department).

4 - Arrest Affidavit / Charging Affidavit / Police Arrest Report or Traffic Crash Report

Traffic Crash Report (if involved in an accident) LEGIBLE COPY IS ACCEPTABLE & MUST INCLUDE COMPLETE NARRATIVE REGARDING THE INCIDENT. Arrest Affidavits can be obtained from the County Clerk of Court & Traffic Crash Reports can be obtained from the Florida Highway Patrol or Police Department. Not applicable for clients that are attending due to Unlawful BAL (Under 21).05 or Higher.

5 - Breath / Blood or Urine Test Results or Refusal

This information should be included on the Arrest Report and/or DUI Arrest Citation. If the test was sent to a Lab, you must contact that Lab or Police Department for the final results. Clients that are Unlawful BAL (Under 21).05 or Higher, the results should be on the Notice of Suspension Ticket/Citation.

6 - Pre-Trial Diversion Contract or Final Court Disposition or Order

(Only *required* if you have already signed the Pre-Trial Diversion Contract or have received a Final Conviction in court.) If you have not been in front of a judge and/or have not received any court documents, then you are *not required* to bring these court documents. Not applicable for clients that are Unlawful BAL (Under 21).05 or Higher.

7 - Out-of-State and/or Older Incidents

In the event the documentation is from another state or an older incident and the above documents are not available; then verification from the court or police department must be provided. This documentation must acknowledge as much information related to the incident as possible. 

8 - Lifetime Driving Record / History

  • You may purchase a Lifetime Florida Driving Record for $15.00 (cash, credit card or money order) at our office from a Customer Service representative.
  • You may opt to provide your own copy of the Lifetime Florida Driving Record (MUST HAVE BEEN PROCESSED WITHIN 15 DAYS OF REGISTRATION)
  • OUT-OF-STATE DRIVER'S LICENSE NUMBER - If the driver’s license at the time of the incident was issued by another State, will provide you with a listing of Driver’s License Offices for all states. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain the Lifetime Driving Record in more than enough time for the evaluation appointment. The Driving Record must be an official DHSMV-based printout, less than 30 days old, and reflect the lifetime record.





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