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CDL Commercial Driver Instructor Training Refresher - DITC

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CDL Commercial DITC Refresher Course

This course is designed to refresh the instructor's knowledge of changes and updates in state statutes and rules as a CDL commercial driving school instructor.  Emphasis is also placed on knowledge, values, attitudes, and behavior in promoting safe driver instructions to the students.

This 8-hour course is conducted in one eight hour day.

A candidate must meet the following requirements in order to qualify for this course and certification:

  1. A candidate must hold a current CDL Commercial DITC Driver Instructor Training Course certification as well as a current HSMV certification as a CDL Commercial DITC Driver Instructor.
  2. Florida Rules Link for CDS Instructor Certificate Application and Renewal.
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CDL Commercial Driver Instructor Training Course - Refresher

For details concerning state regulations for CDL DITC training click here CDL commercial driving school instructor (15A-11.009).

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