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Vital Living Skills

Course Highlights

  • Minimum twenty-four hour course (Offered in both 3 day 8 hour or 6 day 4 hour formats).
  • Small classes to maximize student participation and personalized attention.
  • Discussion-based, peer group setting.
  • Sixteen lessons devoted to life skills and management themes.
  • Self-reflecting homework assignments


 Class Schedule  Weekend or Friday evening enrollments will need to pickup certificate the following business day.


Purpose of the Vital Living Skills Course

The Vital Living Skills course is a personal-development, self-improvement course designed to offer a program of discipline for the individual to reduce recidivism, avoid incarceration, and change negative thinking and behavior.  This course also serves as a motivational tool, and is essential for individuals who need more structure in their lives. 


Vital Living Skills Goal

The Vital Living Skills course teaches the participant a variety of life skills, philosophies, and techniques, while building self-esteem and self-confidence in a peer group setting.  The course focuses on motivating the student by teaching a myriad of personal development skills including the basic day-to-day skills of budgeting, decision-making, job searching, problem solving, and relationship skills.


Course Content

  • Involves attitude change and identification of negative influences/thinking.
  • How to develope good habits, self-motivation, and self-conditioning processes.
  • Self-evaluation exercises that assist the individual in organizing and stabilizing their lives.
  • Basics of problem solving, dealing with emotions, and handling emotional blocks.
  • Creating healthy family relationships, practicing and maintaining nourishing relationships, and establishing inter-family understanding and communications.
  • Metods for establishing financial stability.
  • Employment search, completing applications, interviewing and job retention.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively.
  • Understand the consequences of involvement in substance abuse.  Discussing, defining, and explaining the physical and psychological dependence and effects. 


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