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Victim Awareness Program

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Victim Awareness Program

Two-hour program designed to show the life-altering and sometimes fatal consequences of drinking and driving.  Participants hear first hand through live presentations given by actual victims, family members of victims and actual DUI offenders the true human costs that are experienced as a result of drinking and driving.

The mission of this course is to achieve behavior modification by showing the participants the potential harrowing results of their continued drinking and driving.

Course Highlights

A two (2) hour program consisting of the following components that are used to influence and change driving behavior patterns:

  • Education - the statistical, financial and emotional impact their driving has on the community.
  • Audio Visual Media - newspaper articles/current events, and video.
  • Victim Impact Panel - consisting of individual(s) who have suffered permanent injury or lost a loved one as a result of DUI and other offense.
  • Facilitator Discussion - facilitator involves students in discussion of the information being presented and deals directly with irresponsible driving behavior and its effects on the community.
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Fri, Jun 28 2024
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Purpose of the Victim Awareness Program

To assist DUI, habitual traffic, and other offenders in changing their driving behavior patterns. VAP is designed to modify driver behavior through educating and introducing the driver to the realities of how irresponsible driving impacts the community, victims and their families, and the driver's family. COURT ORDERED for DUI, Reckless Drivers (with or without substance involvement), Habitual Traffic Offenders, and others. This course may be taken voluntarily.

Victim Awareness Program Goals:

Provide an additional educational program for DUI, habitual, and other traffic offenders in the county court system. Offer DUI, habitual traffic, and other offenders new approaches to change driving behavior patterns to reduce the impact that collisions, injuries, and deaths have on others.

Course Content:

  • Utilizes real life situations to expose students to the consequences of their driving behavior upon the community, through the use of a Victim Impact Panel.
  • Provide students with statistical profiles (including national, state, and local data) of the results of their driving behavior upon the community, i.e. costs, accidents, injuries and deaths.
  • Through lecture and interactive educational techniques to assist students in identifying improper behavior patterns.
  • Provide new methods of behavior awareness to encourage positive driving behavior.
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