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Florida Communications Device Safety Course Online

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About This Course


Course Highlights:

Don't be misled by 'Traffic Schools' which advertise low upfront prices; and then charge up with add on fees for your Completion Certificate, the State Assessment Fee, and their own "Processing" fee. Here you receive all the benefits of our State Approved Course as a Florida distracted driver online solution at one low, complete price. Just 44.95

This Florida Wireless Communications Device Online Safety Course for distracted drivers contains the most current information on defensive driving, collision avoidance, and the dangers of mobile devices usage while driving.

  1. No Points on Your License
  2. No Insurance Rate Increase
  3. Keep Your Florida Safe Driver Status/Discount

IMPORTANT! This is the 90 minute online traffic school which will satisfy the State of Florida’s requirements to prevent the assignment of points to your driving record.

The certificate of completion is free to download once you finish the requirements. We report to Florida HSMV automatically. Everything can be done from the comfort of your home.

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 Call 407‑896‑1894 or 1‑800‑372‑3335 for Details.


Taking the Course

Our course is divided into four chapters which you can take at your convenience. At the end of each chapter, there are simple review questions you may use to enhance your knowledge


We created our program to be as convenient as possible for the student. It is designed as a 90 minute hour program, but you work at your own pace.You may complete the program in one sitting or use your username and password as many times and complete the reading in increments of time, according to your own schedule. The goal is for you to comprehend and absorb the material.

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