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JOLT - Juvenile Offender Life Training

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Course Highlights

  • Four-hour, interactive course.Juvenile
  • Small classes to maximize student participation and promote personalized attention.
  • Audio/Visual aide and group activities.
  • Comprehensive quizzes and self-evaluation exercises.
  • Thought-provoking, age-appropriate discussions addressing a myriad of issues that present an on-going challenge to youths.



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 Weekend or Friday evening enrollments will need to pickup certificate the following business day.

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Sat, Jan 13 2018
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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Sat, Jan 27 2018
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
English 1 Day  Map Orlando, FL
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Sat, Feb 10 2018
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
English 1 Day  Map Kissimmee, FL
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Sat, Feb 24 2018
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
English 1 Day  Map Orlando, FL


Purpose of the JOLT (Juvenile Offender Life Training) Course

The JOLT (Juvenile Offender Life Training) course is a heavy-interaction, life-enhancement course that serves as an early intervention program for young adults.  Its design targets young people who have exhibited a spectrum of life-coping and behavioral issues.  The program encompasses a myriad of issues that present an ongoing challenge to youths of our communities.  The course also serves as an alternative, which can be used by the Judges in lieu of jail and juvenile detention, as well as aid Juvenile Probation by serving as an order of probation or diversion program.  The course may also be taken voluntarily.

Juvenile Offender Life Training Goal

The goal of the JOLT course is to decrease recidivism of first-time offenders as well as to educate, equip, and inform offenders of alternative ways of coping with negative behavior.  Furthermore, the course serves as a prevention/diversion tool for those participants who exhibit a need for more structure in their lives.  Our objective is to utilize the curriculum's educational and behavioral components to assist participants in examining their behavior, attitude, and actions by instilling discipline and offering behavioral alternatives.  Our ultimate goal is to guide participants in the right direction to avoid future adverse situations or incidents with the law. 

Course Content

  • Identify how media pressure and peer pressure influence decisions.
  • Define binge drinking and the risks associated with it.
  • Discuss risky behaviors.
  • Effects of alcohol usage and drugs on the body; laws regarding drinking, possession of alcohol/tobacco by a minor. (Zero Tolerance Law, drug posession Laws, Chapter 893, DUI Laws)
  • Define and recognize anger; discuss the psychological, emotional, and biological responses to anger. 
  • Control anger and the development of alternative behaviors.
  • Effects and consequences of Domestic Violence arising from anger.
  • Discuss Bullying.
  • Choices and Consequences of negative behavior.
  • Consequences of the act of vandalism, destruction of property, and other forms of criminal mischief.



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