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Driving Lessons for Florida Virtual School Students

FREE driving lessons for Brevard, Orange or Polk county residents who completed Driver education at FLVS

Step 1
If you are a K-12 student and have not yet taken Driver Education at FLVS, please enroll and complete the Driver Education course

To sign up Click here

Step 2
If you have completed Driver Education at FLVS and have either a learner’s license or driver license, sign up for FREE driving lessons with the Florida Safety Council

Polk County residents call


To qualify for behind the wheel driving lesson:

  1. Must be a resident of Brevard, Orange, or Polk County
  2. Must have completed Driver Education at Florida Virtual School
  3. Have a valid Class E Learner’s License or Driver License present at each lesson

*Lecciones también ofrecidas en español

  • 1. CLASSROOM TRAINING with Florida Virtual School
  • Prepare for the road with FLVS online Driver Education course. In a virtual classroom, students will study the highway transportation system, road signs, rules of the road, accident avoidance, and making good choices behind the wheel. Students will view many road simulations throughout the course designed to help increase their knowledge of real-world driving.
  • 2. BEHIND-THE-WHEEL LESSONS with Florida Safety Council
  • Risk recognition training
  • Crash avoidance skills
  • Taught by DHSMV State Certified Instructors
  • 6 Hours of driving in REAL TRAFFIC
  • Students experience residential, rural, highway, multi-lane, and intersection driving situations
Behind the Wheel Training State Certified Instructors

Our state certified instructors teach you to drive using state-approved training vehicles, on real roads and highways. All you need to begin is your Florida Learner's License. We provide the vehicle and insurance. You provide the time and you'll be driving in no time! We offer lessons in English and Spanish. Call us at 407-897-4436.

Aprenda a conducir hoy! Nuestros instructors certificados por el estado le ensenan a conducir en nuestros vehiculos aprobados de entrenamiento, en caminos y carreteras reales. Todo lo que necesita para emezar es su licencia de aprendizaje. Nosotros proprcionamos el vehiculo y el seguro. Usted proporciona su tiempo y estara conduciendo poco tiempo! Ofrecemos clases en Inglés y Español. Llámenos al 407-897-4436.

More Details 
 Call 407‑896‑1894 or 1‑800‑372‑3335 for Details.


Driving School from FSC & FLVS Co-op Program

Please follow these steps to register and complete your free Driver Education course:

Steps (1 - 4)

  1. Register and complete Driver Education at FLVS (
  2. Obtain a learner’s license or drivers license from your local license office
  3. The Florida Safety Council will call to schedule driving lessons after the notification from FLVS of the student's successful completion of the Florida Virtual School Online Driver Education Course.
  4. After successful completion of the behind the wheel driving lessons, a certificate of completion will be issued.


  1. Each student must successfully complete the Florida Virtual School Online Driver Education Course before receiving their free Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons from the Florida Safety Council.
  2. Each student must possess a valid Florida Driver License learner's license before enrolling into the Behind the Wheel portion of the Driver Education course. This permit must be presented at each Behind the Wheel Driving Lesson.
  3. Each student must reside in Brevard, Orange or Polk Counties in order to be eligible for the free behind the wheel Driving lessons.
  4. Each student must attend all scheduled driving lessons. Missing a scheduled lesson will result in rescheduling fees, which must be paid by the parent or legal guardian. Any lessons that are missed and not rescheduled will result in a failure to complete the program and a forfeiture of class credit.
  5. Each student will be required to be on time for each lesson. Lateness exceeding five minutes of the originally scheduled lesson will be considered a "no show" and will become subject to rescheduling fees and a delay in the completion of the course.
  6. Each student must wear proper attire to each of their scheduled driving lessons. In addition to school dress code, proper attire includes:
  • Closed toe footwear. (No flip flops, sandals, or bare feet)
  • Appropriate length shorts or skirt or long pants (no shorts or skirts that are shorter than 4 inches above the knee)
  • Proper blouse or shirt. (No revealing tops, shirts or blouses)


  1. I live in Brevard, Orange or Polk County FL, but I attend a private school or I am homeschooled. Do I qualify for this FLVS Driver Education course?
    Answer: Yes, any student that attends Orange or Polk County Schools is qualified for the FLVS Driver Education course, no matter the type of school attended.
  2. I live in another county, but I attend a private school in Brevard, Orange or Polk County FL. Do I qualify for this FLVS Driver Education course?
    Answer: Yes.
  3. Will my student be required to prove Brevard, Orange or Polk County residency?
    Answer: No, Florida Virtual School will electronically notify the Florida Safety Council of your student's successful completion of the online FLVS Driver Education course.
  4. Will I receive school credit for completing this FLVS Driver Education course?
    Answer: Yes, the credit allotted for the FLVS Driver Education course is (.5). Please check with your school guidance counselor for more information regarding the credit.
  5. Is there an age limit for students to receive the lessons?
    Answer: Yes ages 15 - 19 and the student attend Orange or Polk County FL Schools.
  6. How will the Florida Safety Council know to call me when I have completed my online FLVS Driver Education course?
    Answer: Florida Virtual School will electronically notify the Florida Safety Council of your successful completion of the online FLVS Driver Education course. The Florida Safety Council will then contact you via telephone to schedule your behind the wheel lessons and observations.
  7. How many hours of behind the wheel driving will I receive?
    Answer: You will receive 6 hours of actual driving.
  8. What are the hours that I may schedule my student for lessons?
    Answer: The Florida Safety Council schedules driving and observation lessons 7 days per week at various times of the day. We will work closely with the parent to schedule convenient times and days, however, appointment times are given on a first come first serve basis.
  9. Are the lessons only given during the school year?
    Answer: Lessons are given throughout the year, including the summer months.
  10. Will I receive a certificate of completion for my insurance company?
    Answer: Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion from the Florida Safety Council upon your successful completion of the Behind the Wheel lessons.
  11. Will I receive an insurance discount for completing the FLVS Driver Education course?
    Answer: Insurance company policies vary dependent upon the company. Please check with your carrier for details.
  12. What if I cannot be present for one of my scheduled lessons?
    Answer: You will be responsible for attending all scheduled driving lessons. If you cannot be present for a scheduled lesson, you must notify The Florida Safety Council at least 48 hours in advance in order to reschedule without a fee. There are exceptions to this rule, such as a medically excused absence with a note from a physician. Other exceptions may apply, with acceptance of those exceptions being solely decided upon at The Florida Safety Council's discretion.
  13. Who will conduct my driving lessons?
    Answer: All driving lessons will be conducted by the State of Florida approved, background checked, drug tested, certified Driver Education Instructor.
  14. What kind of automobile will be utilized for my training?
    Answer: All lessons will be conducted using a Florida Safety Council, state-approved, fully insured, late model vehicle, specially equipped with a secondary brake. (The exact make, model, and type of vehicle shall be assigned on a first come, first serve basis and subject to availability).
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