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Pretrial Diversion DUI Tier II

Pretrial Diversion DUI Tier II is a deferred prosecution program for selected misdemeanor/misdemeanor DUI offenders, offered by the Office of the State Attorney and supervised by Orange County Community Corrections. 


  • Up to $1000 monetary contribution, monetary contributions may be made to Florida Safety Council.
  • You may split your donation between organizations.
  • DUI School with the Florida Safety Council
  • 6-month MANDATORY Ignition Interlock
  • Law Enforcement Investigative Costs (includes drug/alcohol testing at time of arrest)
  • Random observed urine screens (no additional cost for on-site testing)
If you choose to donate one hundred percent of your required donation to the Florida Safety Council, we will provide your Victim Awareness Program (VAP) aka Victim Impact Panel course free of charge.  In order to take advantage of this course fee waiver, please show your proof of donation when you register in one of our office locations.  The fee waiver is only available when registering in person.
Do not contribute to the Pretrial Diversion program until after you have signed the contract with the State Attorney.
This ONLY satisfies the required monetary contribution for Pretrial Diversion. Additional costs for Pretrial Diversion, classes and evaluations are the responsibility of the Pretrial Diversion participant.

See eligibility and enrollment information below.

More Details 



 Call 407‑896‑1894 or 1‑800‑372‑3335 for Details.


Program Eligibility:

  • Misdemeanor/DUI charges only. Felony cases are supervised by the Department of Corrections.
  • No prior sentence, conviction or dismissal for a similar charge, no more than one prior misdemeanor sentence for a dissimilar offense, no prior deferred prosecution/diversion programs, no prior juvenile programs, no prior felony sentences.
  • Legal residence in the United States.
  • Approval by the Office of the State Attorney.
  • For DUIs: no prior alcohol-related driving offenses, regardless of disposition.

Program Enrollment:

  • You cannot refer yourself to Pretrial Diversion. Your attorney cannot refer you directly to Pretrial Diversion.
  • You must be referred to Pretrial Diversion by the Office of the State Attorney.
  • Only the Office of the State Attorney can approve your case for Pretrial Diversion. If you are approved for the program, you will be signing a contract with the State Attorney to complete the conditions described on the back of this page.
  • You are not on the Pretrial Diversion program until the day you sign the contract with the State Attorney.


Special conditions in addition to those listed above are required. Additional costs for classes and evaluations are the responsibility of the PTD participant. Further conditions may be added at the discretion of the Office of the State Attorney, such as additional community service hours, or Advanced Driver Improvement classes for DUI cases, when the facts of the case warrant additional conditions.

Reference: CCD/PTD Form 35-228 (03/13)

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