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Occupational Safety Training

Occupational Safety Training

Construction WorkersAt the United Safety Council we pride ourselves on the quality and level of safety education and training services that we offer. We have partnered with best in the business to provide best safety products and services. Below are some of the products and services that we offer. 

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United Safety Council - Occupational Safety Division

The Occupational Safety Division is a branch of the United Safety Council. The United Safety Council is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental, safety training and educational organization operating locally and nationally. Since 1953, the Council has promoted safety in every phase of American life – in the home, on the roads, in schools, businesses, and industrial facilities. We represent people and businesses working together to prevent injuries and fatalities and the costs associated with them.

The Occupational Safety Division is designed to offer businesses training and resources to maintain safe work environments while reducing costs. Occupational Safety and Health Training courses are offered at our facilities, the Customers' sites or ONLINE. The Division also provides3rd party Safety Inspections, Driver Evaluations, and Consulting Services.

In addition to Occupational Safety services, the United Safety Council also oversees the Florida Safety Council which offers a variety of other safety training courses. All of the Florida Safety Council’s courses are taught by experienced and certified instructors and meet or exceed requirements by the State of Florida and OSHA. Many of our courses are now available on the Internet. Other courses fall under the Driver Improvement and DUI Divisions of the Florida Safety Council.

The Driver Improvement Division offers courses varying from Behind the Wheel Driver Education to our Motorcycle Training Program. Most commonly known for the Traffic Ticket course, Driver Improvement also hosts First Time Driver, Mature Driver, and many other defensive driving courses.

Since 1973, the Florida Safety Council has provided DUI programs in Central Florida. In addition to the programs, the DUI division offers evaluations for DUI offenders.

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