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Motorcycle Rider Course - BRC

Course Highlights

  • Basic Rider Course - Motorcycle License Course
  • Invaluable for beginner and intermediate riders.
  • Designed to teach the basics of motorcycle operation and safety.
  • Approved by the State of Florida for motorcycle endorsement on your license.
  • Obtain motorcycle insurance discounts of up to 20%.
  • Class locations and riding ranges located throughout Central Florida.
  • Motorcycle safety education.
  • Motorcycle operation and driving training.



About Basic Rider Course - Motorcycle Training School

The Florida Safety Council is one of the best motorcycle schools in Central Florida. The basic Motorcycle Training course is designed to teach motorcycle riders the basic skills needed to safely ride a motorcycle.

All motorcycle training courses are taught by friendly and knowledgeable rider coaches who are professionally certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), as well as the Florida Rider Training Program (FRTP).

The basic rider course is ideal for anyone who would like to learn to ride a motorcycle. Students enrolled in the Basic Rider Course learn

  • Mental and physical preparedness.
  • Physical impairment awareness.
  • Necessity of proper riding gear.
  • Proper use of the motorcycle controls.
  • Effective techniques for proper clutch and throttle control.
  • Starting and stopping, swerving, turning, and maneuvering at slow speeds.
  • Strategies needed to interact with other traffic.

The basic motorcycle training course is also good for riders who have not ridden a motorcycle for quite some time or who have been riding, but have never gotten the motorcycle endorsement on their Florida driver license, equivalent to a motorcycle license.

  • A motorcycle endorsement is required for all riders in the State of Florida and is strongly recommended for anyone who wishes to ride a motorcycle on the street.
  • Students attending the Basic Motorcycle Rider Course must be at least 16years of age
  • Motorcycle students must possess at least a "Class E" driver license or learner's license.
  • This motorcycle school course may also be court-ordered.
  • During the motorcycle training course, motorcycles and safety gear will be provided, including
    • Helmets
    • Gloves
    • Eye wear

Goal of Basic Motorcycle Rider Course

Students who satisfactorily complete this motorcycle training course may:

  • Safely operate a motorcycle.
  • Legally ride a motorcycle in the State of Florida (Upon Receiving endorsement).
  • Obtain the motorcycle endorsement on their driver license with no further testing for the state.
  • Possibly qualify for motorcycle insurance discounts of up to 20%.


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