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Basic Driver Improvement 8hr

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Course Highlights:

  • Accepted by Courts thoughout the State of Florida.
  • Designed for individuals with a history of traffic violations.
  • BDI 8-hour may be court-ordered for traffic violations.
  • Classes are offered regularly at different locations throughout Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Brevard Counties.
  • If the court or a judge has ordered you to take a traffic class, then the Florida 8 Hour Judge Ordered course is for you!
  • Please note: This course is NOT for the 8 Hour Driving While License Suspended Course or the 8 Hour Aggressive Driving Course.
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 Weekend or Friday evening enrollments will need to pickup certificate the following business day.
 Call 407-897-4427 for upcoming class schedule and to enroll.


BDI-8 Traffic Class

This is 8 hour Basic Driver Improvement for individuals with a history of traffic violations, poor driving skills and behaviors. This Florida Traffic School course is usually court ordered by a judge within the state of Florida.

After Completion
Detach the court copy and either mail or hand deliver it to the Clerk of Court's office in the county where the ticket/citation was issued. It is your responsibility to provide the court with a copy of your completion certificate by your due date. Keep the student copy for your own records.

BDI-8 Goal

The Eight (8) hour Basic driver improvement course teaches defensive driving techniques, behaviors and attitudes to individuals who have been court-ordered or voluntarily take the course to improve their defensive driving knowledge, attitude and behavior.

Basic Driver Improvement Eight (8) Hour Course

  • Defensive Driving Techniques.
  • Physical and mental conditions of drivers.
  • Vehicle occupant safety.
  • Effects of drugs and alcohol on the driver.
  • Review of Florida DUI law.
  • Driving conditions and environment, following distances, etc.
  • Hazards of urban, rural and highway driving.
  • Driving Skills Analysis—pre/post test.

Basic Driver Improvement Eight (8) Hour Course Format

  • Eight hour driver improvement class conducted by a certified instructor.
  • An interactive format including lecture, videos and student interaction.
  • BDI-8 Eight (8) hour Florida Traffic class is also available online.

Basic Driver Improvement Eight (8) Hour Course Availability

Florida Safety Council Traffic School offers classes regularly at different locations throughout Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Brevard and Lake Counties as well as Online. Our Basic Driver Improvement 8-hour course is approved by the State of Florida.

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