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30 Plus 6 Driver Education - 36 Hrs

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Driving School - Course Highlights

  • Florida approved driver education course.
  • Excellent preparation for teen drivers preparing for the Driver's License skills test.
  • The 36-hour course includes 24 hours of classroom instruction utilizing the state of the art RoadWise Driver Education curriculum and 12 hours of training in a vehicle (six hours driving and six hours of observation), taught by state certified trainers.
  • A wide variety of late model state approved vehicles are available including sedans, sport utility vehicles, and pick-up trucks. All state approved vehicles are equipped with dual brake control systems and are fully insured.
  • This course exceeds high school Driver's Ed course requirements. All our Instructors are professionally certified, and simply love to teach.
  • This course requires that the student already has a Florida learner's license available by taking our Florida First Time Driver Course.
  • Program graduates may qualify for auto insurance discounts based upon training and education in safe automobile operation.

Orange and Polk County FL Students may qualify for the Florida Safety Council and Florida Virtual School Driver Education program, which includes virtual classroom training and Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons, FREE OF CHARGE. Click the image to see if you qualify.

FLVS drivers ed

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Purpose of 30+6 Driver Education Course:

This driver education course is designed to provide Behind the Wheel Training, especially for teen drivers and young adults ages 15 - 19 in pursuit of a Florida Driver’s License, or for licensed drivers that would like to improve their driving skills.


To develop knowledge and skills needed to safely, legally, and economically operate a motor vehicle. An emphasis is placed on proper decision-making, and risk management skills. Program graduates may qualify for insurance discounts. Prepare drivers for their road test.

Course Content:

  • Hands-on road driving experience in actual traffic.
  • Responsible driving habits.
  • Traffic laws.
  • Risk recognition and crash avoidance.
  • Defensive driving techniques.
  • Student experiences actual residential, rural, highway, multi-lane, and intersection driving conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Drivers Education Course

Who will teach the Driver Education course?

The Florida Safety Council is a not-for-profit organization and has been providing education and service in Florida for since 1953. We focus on reliability and excellence. This course is taught by a professionally certified, state of Florida approved instructor. Each instructor is experienced and has undergone extensive training in various levels of driver’s education.

What kind of vehicle will the student learn to drive on?
The Florida Safety Council provides late-model sedans equipped with dual control brakes and automatic transmissions. The vehicles are set up with a dual brake system which keeps students safe and provides instructors more opportunity to direct the student driver, which allows student drivers to learn faster.

Are students required to have a valid Florida license?
Students must first obtain a restricted drivers license/learner’s license prior to the start of their first lesson. A Florida Learner's license can be obtained after completing the Florida First Time Driver Course. Other information about Florida learner's license can be found in the Florida DMV Driver's Handbook. Out of state license and International license are acceptable.

Are students insured in case of an accident?
The Florida Safety Council would like to make this process as easy and convenient for you so we provide all insurance for the student driver, the instructor, and the vehicle. The student is fully covered so it is not necessary to obtain any kind of motor vehicle insurance when training with us.

How will the student get to the driving lesson?
The student is responsible for his or her own transportation to and from the office. For a nominal fee, the instructor will pick the student up and drop them off at their residence.

What are the course fees or price for driving lessons?
The number of lessons required may vary from person to person. Please contact one of our Safety Council offices to discuss your individual needs. Students can monitor their own progress as they go and determine if further lessons are needed with instructor input. Most students find 3 lessons to be a good starting point in their driver training. Payment may be made over the phone with a debit or credit card. You may also come in person to register and pre-pay with credit card, cash or money order and then report to lessons on the scheduled date.

Is there a written test?
In order to get your Florida Drivers license you must successfully pass the DHSMV General Knowledge, and Road Signs skills test. You must however first take and complete the Online DATA Course in order to qualify.

Is there a discount on auto insurance?
Each student is given a certificate at the end of all training sessions. Six hours or more of driving lessons may qualify for an auto insurance discount. Each student should check with their insurance agent to see if they qualify for an auto insurance discount.

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